Intohimo synnyttää tuloksia

Intohimoa, sitoutuneisuutta ja iloa. Siinä kolme sanaa, jotka kuvaavat Element Logicia työpaikkana.

Katso vapaat paikat

As a vibrant, busy, international company with high ambitions, we go the extra mile – not only for our customers, but also for our employees.  

In Element Logic culture is one of our valued drivers. Having fun at work true to the motto “One team, one dream” are values we not only have on paper, but also live by – every day.

Element Logic has offices all over Europe. Our history as a Scandinavian company is reflected in our corporate values and organizational structure. We value a workplace based on honesty and integrity, with easy access to top management. This allows us to work together proactively to find solutions. Likewise, we emphasize a healthy work-life balance and actively encourage our employees to spend time being active each day.

We are extremely proud to get certified by our employees and Great Place to Work.
Great Place to Work is a worldwide employee survey measuring employee satisfaction. Credibility, respect, fairness, pride and community are the five dimensions that are measured, and that gives important indications on how we succeed as a company taking care of our employees and culture.

 As an Element Logic employee, you will be part of a bustling, international environment with plenty of room for exciting career opportunities. Our Element Academy professional development platform ensures that all Element Logic employees have access to standardized training in our products, processes, and tools.

If you are interested in finding out more about career opportunities at Element Logic, contact us for more information.